Mental Health


Many of us were raised with the mindset that mental health was "all in your head", and that if you suffered from things like anxiety or depression - you just needed to get over it. That mentality, when combined with the natural reluctance men have to discuss their feelings and/or seek help, leads to unnecessary suffering - the weight of which can sometimes be too difficult to bear.

  • Mental Illness ranks 2nd, after ischemic heart disease, as a nationwide burden on health and productivity.
  • There are approximately 130 suicides per day.
  • The highest rates of suicide occur in middle-aged white men.
  • In 2020, men died by suicide 3.88x more than women.

These kinds of statistics are extremely unfortunate, and sobering. At Spartan Point Health, we want you to know we've got your back when it comes to your mental health. We acknowledge that mental illness is real. It can be multifactorial, temporary or long term, situational or physiologic. Most importantly - it CAN be treated.

The two main forms of treatment for many mental health disorders, like Depression and Anxiety, include what's formally known as COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL THERAPY (aka counseling), and PHARMACOTHERAPY (aka medications). Both of these treatments are independently effective, but are typically most effective when combined together. While we don't offer counseling services through Spartan Point Health, we can certainly help you find local resources available in your area.

There is also a strong relationship between obesity and depression, that has been well documented in medical literature, and often gets overlooked when it comes to treatment.

  • 43% of adults suffering from depression are obese
  • 55% of people taking medications for depression are obese.

Given these statistics, we make it a point to focus on maintaining healthy weight with our patients, and also offer weight loss medications and strategy as part of our overall approach to taking care of your physical and mental health needs.


If you are currently having thoughts of Suicide or are in a state of Mental Crisis

Call or Text 988 - Or Text TALK to 741741.

To schedule an appointment to discuss your Mental Health Concerns, please use the link below. Conditions treated include:

-Anxiety, Depression, ADHD & PTSD

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