Male Pattern Baldness

Male Pattern Baldness (Androgenic Alopecia) is essentially just the acceleration of the normal aging process.  All people, Male and Female, lose scalp hair as they age.  In those that experience Male Pattern Baldness at an early age, genetics and testosterone are the explanation.  A recent study found that of the approximate 63 genes linked to Male Pattern Baldness, only 6 of those genes were found on the X chromosome (which is the chromosome Males inherit from their mothers).  

While the genetics of hair loss are complex, some of the more important facts are quite simple.  Hair Loss Genes have something called “Variable Penetrance”, meaning they can affect men in varying degrees ranging from mild to severe. Hair Loss Genes can be inherited from Mom or Dad and passed down to Son or Daughter.  The reason that men suffer from hair loss more than women is explained by Testosterone (as men have more than women). 

Testosterone is what makes the Man.  Large muscles, strong bones, deep voices, male genitalia, sex drive and fertility - all result from Testosterone. However, Testosterone can have some undesirable effects on those individuals who have the genetic destiny for hair loss.  Hair Follicles contain a protein called “5 Alpha-Reductase”, which is an enzyme that converts Testosterone into a different hormone called DHT.  While DHT stimulates hair growth in the beard and body, it has the exact opposite effect on scalp follicles.  It is thought that those with the genetic destiny for hair loss contain more 5 Alpha-Reductase enzymes than those who do not share the same destiny.  

This is why TRT can accelerate hair loss in some individuals, while having no effect on others.  It all comes down to your own personal genetic destiny.  If the men in your family have a strong history of hair loss, treatment to prevent hair loss early and especially while on TRT is likely a good idea.  

Hair Loss usually starts between ages 17 – 40. By age 50, about 50% of men will start to display some degree of Male Pattern Baldness.  Receding hair lines followed by thinning on top of the scalp are common manifestations.  The rate of hair loss is also variable with some men going completely bald within 5 years, and most losing hair gradually over 15 to 25 years.

Stages of male baldness pattern. Male hair loss


Male Pattern Baldness in NOT a disease, but given its cosmetic nature, it can certainly have a negative psychological impact on those individuals affected by it.  

There are currently only two FDA approved drugs on the market for Hair Loss Treatment, Minoxidil (aka Rogaine) & Finasteride. The decision to treat is a personal one, and largely dependent on how much being bald affects your psyche.  Some men thrive in their baldness while others tend to shy away from it. 

At Spartan Point Health we have a lot of options ranging from oral medications to topical solutions.  Topical solutions tend to be more inconvenient, but also come with less potential side effects than pills.   Schedule Your Free Initial Consultation to learn more!

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