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Dr Steven Baum (MD) is a native of the Pacific Northwest. Prior to attending college - he served an LDS mission in Arizona, and was a TACP in the United States Air Force with duty stations in Germany and Iraq. He majored in Exercise and Sport Science at The University of Utah, and received his medical degree from The Ohio State University. He completed his residency training at Utah Valley Regional in Provo Utah, and is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician with unrestricted medical licenses in the states of AZ & UT, with NV, WA & WY licenses pending. He currently practices medicine as a Primary Care Physician in Phoenix AZ, an Urgent Care Physician in Southern Utah, and serves as Medical Director to a Veteran's Facility in Yuma AZ. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his family, fly fishing, staying physically active, riding his motorcycle, fantasy football - and is a regular practitioner of Brazilian Jiujitsu. If he wasn't a doctor, he'd likely be a Park Ranger or High School Teacher & Coach.

"I created Spartan Point Health because I believe that physicality is an essential part of a persons' health and identity. When my patients feel good about how their bodies are functioning, it reflects positively in many other aspects of their lives. It gives them the confidence, energy, and motivation they need to show up where they're needed - in their careers, communities, relationships, families, etc. On the flip side, when they feel bad about themselves - it can lead to unhealthy habits that can create and/or exacerbate a poor quality of life. Our mission at Spartan Point Health - is to safely and ethically provide you with the highest quality of care while helping you feel like the best version of yourself."



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